Reishi and the Basics on Functional Mushrooms

Reishi and the Basics on Functional Mushrooms
Can you believe that there exists a mushroom so highly respected and loved that it was common practice for foragers to gift it to the Emperor.

With thousands of years use for supporting the immune system and calming us humans, Reishi is a deep treasure, perhaps even a pleasure for us mortals.

Generally speaking, there are foods that are known for energy (carbs), foods for building (proteins) and those for brain function (fats) - I said generally speaking OK ;). Well, I invite you to welcome in a world of teas that support the immune system known as medicinal mushrooms!

Chaga, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Agaricus, Turkey Tail and of course of our beloved Reishi, have all been explored in traditional and modern medicine for immune support though it’s good to know that each also brings its own “speciality” super-power like gut health, energy, memory or DNA protection for example.

Reishi, associated with the heart chakra and the mushroom of love (rather important right now) is calming in nature, and is a mushroom that I will drink for the rest of my life, deepening the relationship and communication within my physical body and also opening my heart to a wider connection with, well with everything.

Reishi and other kinds of mushrooms offer a world of new (better said ancient) potential and so I invite you to begin exploring this with an 11% discount code by using "MUSH11" when you get to the checkout. The full range of mushroom powders are chilling here...

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