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Epic Vanilla - Plant Based, Vegan Protein Powder with BCAA's (essential amino acids)

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5-star Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder review by Mike D. 

Tastes amazing! This is by far the best protein powder I’ve tried, tastes great and high-quality ingredients. No nasty aftertaste like I’ve got from others.

This is a premium high-grade, plant based and vegan vanilla protein powder that tastes so good, blends perfectly and is fully loaded with essential amino acids and Maca for ultimate repair, energy and balance!

EPIC VANILLA is an almighty combo of Bio-Fermented Pea Protein, Quinoa Protein and BCAA's (amino acids) derived from the powerful Sunflower.

Also inside this bag of EPIC VANILLA are carefully selected superfoods, electrolytes and our important digestive enzyme complex.

EPIC VANILLA is a plant based and vegan protein powder designed for maximum assimilation and absorption of nutrients.


High Protein
25.5g per scoop 

An optimal ratio of essential amino acids
BCAA 2:1:1


Free from dairy and lactose, offering a great alternative to dairy proteins.

Full of flavour
Choose from a range of delicious flavours: vanilla, chocolate, berryplain, cacao.

Healthy lifestyle
A highly rated protein supplement that can be enjoyed anytime - morning, noon or night. Increase your protein intake as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mix into smoothies, shakes or bake with it. 

Quality ingredients
Organically sourced and heavy metal tested ingredients

Aids digestion
Digestive enzymes (that actually work and are derived from plant based protein sources)

No Added Sugar

GMO Free

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Made in the UK

Ingredients and nutrition

BCAA's 2:1:1 (essential amino acids)
MACA POWDER (root for hormone balance and energy)
KONJAC FIBRE (digestion and smoothness)
GREY SEA SALT (minerals)
GINGER EXTRACT (supports digestion)
PEPPERMINT LEAF (supports digestion)
PAPAIN (supports digestion)
FENNEL SEED (supports digestion)
NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOUR (non-synthetic and tastes awesome)
STEVIA EXTRACT (leaf extract)

The ENRICHD way 

ENRICHD is focused deeply on sourcing the best possible ingredients for our products. The integrity of these ingredients and their unique combination is critical and something that sets us apart from others.

If we can source an ingredient from organic and farming practices, you can be sure to find it in our products. Some of our foods are even ethically wild sourced.



Heavy metal and agro testing on every batch.

All orders are dispatched within two working days.

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Certain plant-based proteins, especially pea protein and brown rice protein, can be easier for some people to digest compared to dairy-based protein powders. This makes them a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies.

Plant-based protein powders are often free from common allergens like dairy, gluten, and eggs. This makes them suitable for individuals with certain food allergies or sensitivities.

Depending on the source, plant proteins can be a good source of dietary fiber. For example, hemp protein naturally contains dietary fiber that can aid in digestion.

Many plant-based protein powders come with an added benefit of vitamins and minerals. For instance, hemp protein provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and pumpkin seed protein can be a good source of magnesium and zinc.

Some studies suggest that plant-based diets can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Incorporating plant protein powders, especially soy protein, may contribute to this effect.

Producing plant-based proteins typically requires less water, land, and energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to animal-based proteins. This makes plant protein powders a more environmentally sustainable choice for those concerned about their carbon footprint.

Different plant-based proteins offer varying amino acid profiles. By combining different sources, like pea and brown rice, it's possible to get a more complete amino acid profile.

Our plant-based protein powders have a simple ingredient list and may contain fewer artificial additives, fillers, or sweeteners compared to some other protein supplements.

For vegans and some vegetarians, plant-based protein powders align with ethical considerations regarding animal welfare.

For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, Enrichd plant-based protein powders can help ensure adequate protein intake, especially if dietary protein sources are limited.