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Handmade Foraging Knife // 100% Colombian Heirloom Ceremonial Raw Cacao // #1

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During your cacao drinking moment, perhaps on your own or with others, instead of reaching for the same knife you cut the cabbage, you have your own very special handmade, high grade steel ceremonial knife…

These knives feel substantial in the hand, the sound when it glides through the 100% Colombian Raw Cacao by the Arhuacos, is more than a sound, it’s a feeling.

The cacao itself is 100% though you can notice the sweet notes in there. I often drink it on its own with a pinch of clean salt, or with Love Reishi.

Handmade ENRICHD Foraging Knife - Handmade in the UK by Smoking Knives

These knives are paired with 500 grams of 100%  Dream-Invoking Colombian Heirloom Ceremonial Raw Cacao by Coco Caravan.

The knife will arrive in a simple, black, strong zip case.

Knife size = 12cm approximately.

These are stunning. 

Handmade by Smoking Knives and the 100% Colombian Arhuaco Raw Ceremonial grade dream-invoking cacao is by Coco Caravan. I've personally eaten/drank (with reishi) 1kg of it so far! 

Gifting: If you gift it the recipient has to give you any amount of money. That's the rule, for obvious reasons if you have a superstitious cell in your body :)

So you just say: "Give me 5p"

And they might say: "what for?"

You say: "One last chance, give me any amount of money..."

Then you can see how long you want to drag the game on for ;)

5 available... (There were 6 though I bought one!)

Rich :)


More info on the awesome craftsmanship of these pieces or art:

Beginning with a carefully drawn knife template, we proceed to metalwork, shaping the blade and tang. Pin holes for the handle are marked, drilled, and any necessary lightening holes are added for balance.

The blade undergoes precise heat treatment in a digitally controlled 'Evenheat' kiln, adhering to specific temperature and time requirements, reaching up to 1200°C. Quenching in warmed oil is followed by clamping between marble slabs for further cooling and trueness. Tempering cycles, typically 2x2 hours at 150-250°C, complete the heat treatment process.

The subsequent major step involves grinding to the final profile, ensuring straightness. Handles, crafted from various materials, are cut, drilled, and attached using long-cure epoxy. Pinning the handle scales to the tang, the assembly cures for 48 hours.

The final steps include grinding off excess epoxy and wood around the tang. Using grits ranging from 80 to 4000, we achieve the desired finish, followed by buffing with cutting and polishing compounds. A coat of food-safe wax is applied to protect and enhance all handles.

Heavy metal and agro testing on every batch.

All orders are dispatched within two working days.

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