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Shou Puerh Tea - "Exceptional Earth" - Organic

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    "Exceptional Earth" Shou Puerh Tea, we find this organically grown tea smooth, deep and grounding. Shou Puerh is regarded as warming in nature and is respected throughout the world.

    This is fantastic LOOSE LEAF SHOU PUERH tea is sourced from some of the cleanest mountains in China and is grown to organic standards. It is ideally enjoyed a little after a meal though can be drank at any time.

    Because of the fermentation this tea is naturally lower in caffeine than you'd expect though still can have a unique energising vibe.



    >> Like an enchanted forest, unique, earthy, and also smooth

    This is a deep earthy tea, unlike green tea because it fermented for weeks in a specific environment for supporting the aging of the tea. Shou puerh became a "new" category of tea after years of trying to speed up the aging process of sheng puerh tea. Shou Puerh could be thought of as a magnificent accident.



    - Grounding in Nature

    - Digestive Support

    - Calming in Nature

    - Support the metabolism


    ENRICHD always stands for the highest integrity when it comes to all of our foods and sourcing. Tea is something we LOVE here and so we take extra measures to make sure this is some of the cleanest tea available.

    1) Use approximately 1 tablespoon of tea.
    Add more or less depending on how you like your tea.

    2) Rinse the leaves in hot (just less than boiling) water.
    Literally leave the water on the leaves for a few seconds, then give that water to your garden.

    3) Steep the leaves in about 1/2 pint of water, and serve yourself and friends.
    Ideally use tea pot or side-handle tea pot but a strainer or cafetiere will work too. OR even loose in the bowl (see photos)

    1) If you like your tea strong add more leaves and or increase the steeping time.

    2) You can steep each serving of these leaves more than once.

    3) Give yourself a minute to enjoy these leaves in silence if you can...

    Heavy metal and agro testing on every batch.

    All orders are dispatched within two working days.

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