ENRICHD TIPS: Knee pain. Stimulants. Your Morning Routine. The Sound of Silence?

ENRICHD TIPS: Knee pain. Stimulants. Your Morning Routine. The Sound of Silence?

I keep meaning to write this little list of ideas/tips.

You're probably not expecting some of them...

Topics below: Knee pain. Stimulants. Your Morning Routine. The Sound of Silence?

1) Knee pain?

As well as enjoying the delights of mushrooms, teas, meeting you lot at events and ceremonies, in a "past life" I was a PT (Certified in the UK and US) and I LOVE training.

Something that has come up for myself and clients in the past is knee pain. 

Now, this is not a diagnosis, and if you or someone you know is experiencing knee pain then get it seen to professionally. Though, that said it can be caused by tension in the I.T band (roughly - the outside of the upper leg) or other muscle tension not at the site of the pain or clicking.

On two occasions, after not stretching properly I've felt tweaks and clicking in my right knee. A little foam rolling, a deep tissue massages - and it's like new again.  

Deep tissue massage isn't a luxury, I believe it's a form of critical self care. OR if you'd rather buy protein or mushroom teas then specific stretches and foam rolling are free ;) See what I did there ;)

2) Stimulants?

As well as PTing in the US I researched and co-authored a forthcoming book. Much of which draws from Eastern lifestyle philosophy and ways of looking at health. 

For many, in the modern world stimulants are seen as the norm when someone is tired.

What about flipping that on it's head? The desire or perceived need for stimulants is actually a message to you, a warning perhaps? 

Rest a little more, find a way to improve your sleep (there are many), your breathing, timing of training, see which foods might be dragging you down because of incompatibility and add in some foods and teas that nourish and replenish you instead of stimulants which may further deplete.

Another wild card idea on that is, maybe the desire for stimulants is because there is an opportunity to change something in your life, your body needs an external source of stimulation to get to the task - maybe it's the task that's not inspiring you? I've certainly been there...

3) Your morning routine?

If the first thing you do it turn on your phone, as you reach for it, interrupt yourself and do something else first. Perhaps take 5 deep breaths and then... or walk outside for 2 mins and then... drink half a glass of water and then... drink an artificially caffeinated stimulating energy drink (I'm joking.)

By interrupting those habits that are not necessarily serving you, you can begin to rewire your brain.

4) Remember the sound of silence?

I love audio books and music. Something to stimulate my brain while doing. What about silence though?

Sometimes I just turn it all off and listen to the things I'm doing - the sound of the cup being placed on the table, the sound of the keys, the sound it makes when the door handle is turned, the sound of a quite night, the sound of a windy night, the sounds of driving... 

Maybe choose silence and see what you notice. 

5) A or B?

A) Eat foods grown in agrochemicals.

B) Eat foods not grown in agrochemicals.


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Be well,

Rich :) 

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