Have you?

Have you?

Have you?

So there is this thing going on out there in our reality and it's related to your physical and mental health.

My question to you is; have you shared any of the ideas and activities you're doing to keep your immune system strong, and also how you are keeping your physical and mental wellbeing in the strongest place?

I'd love to hear from you... if you reply, I will share 10 of the top things you're all doing with the ENRICHD tribe too on social and by email, let's get this good info out there and support each other! :)

To get us moving, here are some I've personally been doing....


1) Booking in extra quality quiet-time.

With each of us living unique lives there will almost certainly be some logistics to navigate - maybe communicating with a loved one about getting a few minutes extra sleep in the morning or evening, or just giving yourself permission to do so.

Quiet time might also mean meditation or drinking your morning drink in silence to begin the day with a clear head? It's different and lovely.


2) Creative time.

I've felt the stagnation. Maybe if we call is stillness, or a pause, it can soften the connotations that come from the word stagnation.

What are those things you've paused or have not been putting your heart into lately - can you invoke a little extra energy somehow?

Personally, after peaking with a live online gig just before Christmas, drumming has took the back burner a little though these recent two weeks I've been plugging back in, and have the creative fire well and truly ignited in my hands and feet again! 

Knowing that your creative fire, doing those thing that light your heart on fire are directly connected with EVERY other aspect of your life, what can you lean into and fire up!?


3) Tripling up on my mushrooms!

Yep. I'm drinking my daily Reishi (my life long go to for immune modulation/support) and after being deeply inspired by some extra research I have also added in daily Turkey Tail mushroom (you know these extract powders and potions don't actually taste like mushrooms right!?) The flavours and so fascinating and captivating.

Chaga is smooth, earthy with vanilla notes, Reishi very bitter and potent on the tongue, Lions Mane is malty with sweet notes, and Turkey Tail has a unique earthy taste with grassy bark notes.

(They're not "Epic Vanilla" tasting if you know what I mean, though the depth and complexity and also potential from these powders is literally life enhancing.)

Tripling up? The third? CHOCOLATE infused with either Reishi, Chaga or Lions Mane. Ahhhhh it's so good! The Lions Mane is the lightest/sweetest tasting, Chaga potent and amazing, and the Reishi strong and bitter - love it!


4) Adapting training sessions...

Yep, little tweaks here and there, it's really important. This might mean shortening the sessions, elongating them, lifting heavier/lighter indoor/outside... see where this is going? 

They're your training sessions.

I've personally shifted to some pretty intense mountain biking in a forest nearby to be outside in nature, some short indoor workouts with a medicine ball and pull up bar and also some lunge workouts.

AND, I've also added in some short runs - both on the flat and stair sprints. The physical and emotional challenge of training outside in the winter has been such an eye opener - really loving it!


There are so many other things, little bits and bobs, like decorating the apartment to keep the home space (and work space) inspiring and vibrant, even making a stand up desk from scrap pieces of wood and an oak table top. That in itself completely transformed the space and nourished my attitude to admin and computer work - well, it added an extra once of pride-vibe knowing I was leaning on something I'd constructed with my own bare hands....


Come on then... What are you doing, let's hear and share it to see if we can inspire others connected here through ENRICHD.


Much love and warmest of wishes to you!


Rich :)

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