Which ENRICHD mushroom...? (Reishi? Lion's Mane? Chaga? Cordyceps? Agaricus?)

Which ENRICHD mushroom...? (Reishi? Lion's Mane? Chaga? Cordyceps? Agaricus?)

Firstly, please do check with your healthcare professional before enjoying these...

A little quote to bring us into this lovely summary of these super-potent and enjoyable medicinal mushrooms:

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come...”
Victor Hugo


Now, The VERY short version Reishi for calmness and immune support, Lion's Mane for focus/brain function, creativity and gut health, Chaga for immune support, antioxidants, Turkey Tail for immune support (and lots anti-cancer studies), Agaricus for immune support and anti-tunor potential.

Ready and keen for more details?

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Oh, before the specific benefits and information on these medicinal mushrooms, what to do with these beauties? 

Add to hot water, hot choc, coffee, or even smoothies, though ideally in a warm liquid to support delivery to your body!


LOVE REISHI (Dual extract, wood grown).

Known as/for:
- Immune modulator
- Calming
- Bitter in taste, great in coffee, hot choc or on own.
- Shen tonic
- Heart opener (hence the name)
- Fruiting body dual extract.
- I will drink Reishi regularly for the rest of my life.

REISHI SPORES (from wood grown Reishi).

Known as/for:
- Hormone balancer
- Nutty / neutral taste
- Calming
- Immune support
- Spores are like the seeds of the reishi mushroom.

LIONS MANE (Dual Extract wood grown).

Known as/for:

- Focus, clarity, creativity.
- Taste is malty / leans to sweet over bitter.
- Support gut health (gastro-protective potential by nourishing stomach juices)
"It is speculated that the bioactive compounds present in the extract may play a major role in gastro-protective activity."
- Gut brain connection a positive factor here too.
- Dual extract critical on Lions Mane (it is the alcohol soluble compounds that may cross the blood brain barrier)
- Studies are on cumulative use, i.e every day or regularly for 3 to 6 weeks.
- I will drink lions mane at different times of the year for the rest of my life.
- Harvested in Summer and Autumn.
- Nourishes the Spleen and Stomach
- Support Memory
- Induce NGF Synthesis (Nerve Growth Factor)

CHAGA EXTRACT (Dual Extract Wild).

Known as/for:

- Chaga has been studied for its anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, and anti-tumor properties.
- Chaga is LOADED with antioxidants (with an exceptional ORAC value, it beats almost all other foods).
- High ORAC score depends on growing conditions. Hence why source is critical.
- Potent source of Betulin, betulinic acid and lupeol.
- Betulin et al above are key player in the anti-viral and breaking down of cholesterol in the blood.
- Chaga may help with stomach issues including IBS, ulcers and gastritis.
- Comes with warning from some doctors for people on blood thinning meds and or having an op.
- Chaga contains ample melanin, reported to be a gene protector and DNA repairer.
- Native to Siberia and Northern China
- More potent Chaga comes from these areas above because of extreme weather conditions.
- Also used topically on the skin and as incense (burned)
- Known for growing on the almighty birch tree (can also grow on oak and older beech)
- Unlike most other mushrooms, the visible part of the Chaga on the tree is the mycelium.
- The mycelium of wild Chaga is the desired part and growing conditions.  ENRICHD Chaga is wild sourced.
- The fruiting body is more desirable in other mushrooms like Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane
- In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Chaga is known for nourishing the kidney and liver, healing and protecting gastric mucosa.
- Reported to reduce arterial blood pressure.
- Water and alcohol extraction bring different properties.
- Eating raw Chaga is not advisable due to poor bioavailability.
Either enjoy our water + alcohol extract powder or simmer the Chaga Chunks. 



Known for:

- Memory and Cognitive support
- Known to be easy to digest
- Potent source of Polysaccharide (around 5 x Reishi Mushroom)
- Polysaccharides are known for having significant anti-tumor activity.
- Source of Vitamin B1, B2 and Niacin
- Protective effects on the kidney and liver.
- Lung, Heart, Liver, Kidney support.
- A source of 18 types of amino acids including 8 essential.
- Immune support through anti-inflammatory and anti-viral "skills"
- Supports healthy blood pressure.
- May lower blood sugar.
- Significant anti-tumor activity.
- Native to Brazil/Brasil


Coming soon...


- Supporting the absorption of micro-nutrients
- Historically very respected and valuable
- Increase :Jing" (Vitality)
- Liver Health
- Cellular Health
- Supports Stomach, intestines and liver
- Balance Blood Sugar
- Most research is on the fruiting body



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