🍂 Your life changes with and without the seasons...

🍂 Your life changes with and without the seasons...
Well, here it is, those days and weeks
of transition into Autumn.

Another marker, a mini-watershed.
Perhaps even more timely to pay attention
because the seasons are changing.

The seasons are always changing.
Just like the river that flows is always a different river.
The fish are moving.
The branches and twigs and living organisms in the river are also changing.
There is always movement and there is always change.
Sometimes more slowly, sometimes more quickly.

Just as there are seasons in weather patterns,
there are also seasons in your life.
And these "life" seasons are not necessarily
presented at the same times as the weather.

Sometimes it is winter in life, a time of less movement,
rest and reflection. Something may have ended
and the new beginning is yet to present itself.
Though it inevitably will.
Patience, stillness, and knowing that
the season will transform.

In Spring you often move more, enlivening, lightening
before the high time of activity, "making hay" as
the sun shines in the season of Summer.

Now as the weather changes to Autumn, it's a time of
great change. The air becomes cooler, and so the respiratory
and immune system may need extra support during this time.

A little protection, support and building makes sense at any time,
though especially at this time.

Bringing in some lifestyle changes too, gradually going inwards,
a little less intensity in workouts perhaps, and ensuring you're
getting good quality sleep, allowing the body to naturally prepare
itself - vital importance.

Of course, choosing foods that are married with this seasonal
change is going to support you during this time of change too.

Hey, have a lovely rest of the day,
and if nothing more, be kind to yourself
and see how that kindness expands.

Warmest wishes,

Rich :)

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