"OF NEW" 🇪🇸 your opportunity for inspiration in language ☀️

"OF NEW" 🇪🇸 your opportunity for inspiration in language ☀️

Hey! This is a little motivator blog posts to invoke exploration of mind in langauge...

Isn't language a wonderful and fascinating thing?


Having lived in South America for a very good number of years my Spanish is pretty strong. 


It's a beautiful language and I really enjoy some of the nuances and potential for mind-food in translation.


One of my favourite examples is "De nuevo" which is Spanish for "again".


I really like this phrase because the literal translation is "of new".


Hoy es Domingo de nuevo. Today is Sunday of new.


For me this brings opportunity. Something new is here, it has arrived and you are in it and it is all around us. Of new.

 It's refreshing, right?


I even say and feel the pronunciation with a sense of hope and potential. 


Estamos aqui, de nuevo. Here we are of new, and there is a magnificent opportunity to begin living from this moment forward as we always do, in every moment. Of new.


Hablamos pronto!


Rich :)


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