🚀+ ⚖️ Outcome INDEPENDENT for balance?

🚀+ ⚖️ Outcome INDEPENDENT for balance?

Here you are, reading this... :)


There is always a degree of, let's say, improvement to be had. 

Perhaps it's fitness, a skill, balance of mind... whatever it might be.

And may it be a meaningful pursuit. 


I often wonder about attitude towards improvement. 


What does the voice inside your head say? 

Does it say negative things? 

Or perhaps positive things? 


Can you notice the attitude of the voice,

feel the feelings AND stay in balance?

Can you hear other peoples' voices and stay in balance?


Does it matter? 

That depends if you mind.


Consider this little message your Sunday invitation to

set yourself up for a week that leans you into 

your most desired way of existing.

While living completely outcome independent. 


What a beautiful  way to play...


Improving or leaning into challenges

(whatever that may mean for you)

while being able to stay in loving equanimity

at the core of your being.


Warmest wishes and to your greatest health!


Rich :)

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