Balance? Pleasure, Pain and Equilibrio...

Balance? Pleasure, Pain and Equilibrio...

Well, here we are, about to take a step into March, leaning into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

I was thinking earlier today, about how I tend to wish through the winter, to rush it as if it were an inconvenience, something to avoid.

I’m not sure nature would agree haha!

Within the discourses of Vipassana, a kind of meditation, which for many begins with 10 days silence, there is a very simple phrase which goes something like this -
Don’t avoid pain, nor crave pleasure.

Find space between you and the thing that’s happening. Not to be too attached to the happening.

That’s not to say don’t do anything that brings joy and pleasure nor to wallow too much in the depths of pain. This is more about the personality's relationship to avoiding and craving.

One of the greatest dissatisfactions and dissonance of human existence comes from avoiding pain and craving pleasure.

Being with the present happening is where greater balance exists.
The pain passes just like the pleasure, and those the waves are continuous.

The seasons will change.




PS. I did experience the 10 days of silence (and a couple of 4 days), it's anything and everything you could imagine it to be. Would I do it again? Yes I will :)

PPS. "Equilibrio" in the email title is the Spanish word for balance, just in case you were wondering ;)

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