What is Lion's Mane good for?

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What is lion's mane?
Lion's Mane mushroom is a type of edible mushroom that has numerous benefits, including:

  • Brain function: Support cognitive function, may improve memory and concentration.

  • Nervous system: By promoting nerve growth and potentially protecting against nerve damage, Lion's Mane may support the nervous system.

  • Immunity: The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in Lion's Mane may help to strengthen the immune system.

  • Heart health: Lion's Mane may improve blood pressure, thereby supporting heart health.

  • Digestive health: This incredible mushroom may have prebiotic effects that improve digestion and gut health.

When to take lion's mane?
Because Lion's Mane is not a stimulant and does not contain caffeine, it can be enjoyed at any time, though most people tend to drink it in the morning/up until early afternoon because it is associated with condition and the mind - though because the benefits are cumulative (over time) there is no need to be concerned about a stimulation effect.

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How to take lion's mane powder?
Simply add 2 to 3g to hot water, hot choc, your coffee or smoothie.

Is lion's mane psychedelic?
Lion's Mane Mushroom is not psychedelic. It does not contain psychoactive compounds.

Is lion's mane safe?
Lion's Mane mushroom is generally considered safe.
Numerous animal studies have found Lion's Mane to be non-toxic at different dosages, even over longer periods of time.

There have been isolated reports of lion’s mane mushroom side effects, including one of contact dermatitis (touching the mushroom and it affecting the skin) and one of respiratory distress related to consuming lion’s mane.

Dr Axe notes: "If you choose to eat this mushroom and have any symptoms, such as burning/itching skin, inability to breathe properly or swollen lips, consult your doctor immediately."

Where to buy lion's mane mushroom?
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