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"Daodi medicinal material” is defined as “medicinal material that is produced and assembled in specific geographic regions with designated natural conditions and ecological environment, with particular attention to cultivation technique, harvesting and processing. These factors lead to quality and clinical effects surpass those of same botanical origin produced from other regions, and thus is widely recognized and has long enjoyed a good reputation.” (1)

We source "Di Tao" (sometimes written daodi) which is a concept from Daoist tonic herbalism. Our mushrooms are wild (Turkey Tail and Chaga) or Wood-grown, fruiting bodies, grown by and in the forests of Northern China.

Where necessary (Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane especially) our mushrooms are dual extract (to acquire the active compounds needed to make them super potent)

Di Tao - Climate, humidity, altitude, light and even the microorganisms in the area influence the quality. We made this decision after consulting with a number of Doctors of Traditional Chinese medicine including American doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and further research.

"China is vast in territory with diversified landforms and mountain ranges, and hence diverse weather. This diversity of natural ecosystems provides abundant botanical and zoological germplasm resources. This is the internal factor of the formation of the daodi medicinal materials" (2)


1 - The Formation of Daodi Medicinal Materials.


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