Black Friday? Nah... ENRICHD Feeling Better Tips :)

Black Friday? Nah... ENRICHD Feeling Better Tips :)

Hola! Hope you're having a good seasonal change...

Those of you who’ve been with ENRICHD for a few years now will know we don’t fuel that commercial insanity.

Instead of fueling the commercial insanity of Black Friday, here are some “tips” or nourishing ideas from for the next few weeks and months of winter…

Maybe try those that call your attention and beware of companies ramming ”discounts” at you ;)

(Please excuse any typos I wrote most of this fairly quickly on a train, around 100mph).

Also, the final one is a long one if you get that far and fancy a deeper read. AND the PS after might just better your life long term.

1. Remember how resilient and awesome the human body is.
Even with a sloppy mindset, the body can heal and fix istelf. Imagine the possibilities when you apply your entire consciousness.

2. Cold exposure?
If you’re intrigued by cold showers and cold water exposure, know that you don’t have to begin at the full extreme end. Simply washing your face, arms and legs with cold water is a good way to begin.

3. Perfumes, deodorants, detergents, and house hold cleaners.
You’re breathing that into your lungs and absorbing it through your skin. Choose non-toxic. Perfumes you could find organic essential oils and mix your own.

4. Oil pulling.
A spoon of coconut or sesame seed oil rinsed in the mouth for a few minutes, up to 15+ minutes can help support healthy teeth and gums. I’m doing it right now while typing. Don’t swallow it. Compost or bin - Not a good idea to spit it in the skink or loo either

5. Movie choice - I stopped watching horror after SAW 3 in 2006(?).
I felt so disturbed and stressed by it in 2006 that was it.
Now I watch comedy movies, it feels better. It makes sense :)

6. Mushrooms for Immune support.
Increasing my immune support mushrooms intake. I’m drinking more Chaga, Turkey Tail, Reishi because we are going into winter.

They’re communication for the body, communication for our cells, immune and digestive system, and so much more.

7. Sleep.
Room temperature, timing, detergents, stimulant timing, stress, who you're sleeping next to, pets, bed, bedding, pillows. Those and much more impact the quality of your sleep, optimise your sleeping environment.

Reishi and Reishi Spore may also help getting deep sleep.

8. Do more of what you love.
Simple one, go to the gig, the movie, the dinner out, the nature walk with your loved ones. Living in that vibration is surly the way to be?

9. Making decisions, getting closure and tying up loose ends.
Winter can be a slower time, a little hibernating and yin nourishing time. Tune in and see if you’re being lazy or you actually need a little more rest and sleep? Allow yourself.

10. Training?
It doesn’t have to be hours of painful workouts at the gym. There are a multitude of ways in which you can get the physical activity your body needs.

As well as lots of other activities, I personally love a gym workout, though listen to my body - more often then not it’s 45 mins or less, sometimes 15 minutes.

I was a PT for a few years and prequalified in the UK this year. Training can be simply, effective and not a time and emotional slog ;)

Knowing the body and mind love it, even when it’s cold outside, get the movement you need.

11) Here’s the long one….
Find a friend or loved one you know is strong enough to “be with you” while you reorganise your thoughts.


If you have some things in life, or thoughts around your "lifes happenings” it can be REALLY helpful to speak them out loud.

Though it does depend on who you’re speaking them to.
When we speak outloud those thoughts, worries and troubles it helps us organise them.

We say them, hear them, and like an auto-feedback, we can re-digest them in a more organised manner. Or the person listening can support us in the reorganisation.

Be careful not to perpetuate and expand them, the goal is to take them out of the brain to organise not dramatise - that’s why it’s important to carefully choose to share with.

Love them all the same, though don’t choose the gossiping drama queen who will relish and magnify the spaghetti of thoughts in your mind.

The key is not having the other person add drama to your spaghetti of thoughts.

Sometimes they don’t have to say anything at all, the simple act of your expressing it helps the organisation.

Though sometimes they may be able to nudge or feed back to you what they perceive is going on / alleviate some of the spaghetti brains.


Good. Thank you :) 

See you soon x

Ps. Your reminder to use a glass, ceramic or stainless steel kettle to boil your water. Not plastic - boiling into plastic makes very little sense, right? Also, check the inside (lid) of your glass kettle for plastic too.

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