A Thought Exercise - An ENRICHD story about flying

A Thought Exercise - An ENRICHD story about flying

Here is a ENRICHD story about flying.

A thought exercise to see where it takes you, both now and in the future.

That’s how these kind of moments work - for now and then.


Flying is something I had a love-hate relationship with. I love that it takes me places, often for adventure, work or to loved ones.

The hate part?

Even though I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to pretty much every destination I’ve ever dreamed of, flying became more and more stressful.

Why? Because of my perception.


I’d get nervous during turbulence, any kind, especially when flying into Bogota (a mountain city). Even if the person next to my shifted in their seat, I’d flinch thinking it was turbulence.

Clearly a misperception of the information being presented. The plane would shake and my mind would wander.

I was misinterpreting the entire experience.


I had one meaning for the experience, my own interpretation, and based on that interpretation I was experiencing some pretty intense physical sensations. Thought was literally affecting my physiology.

And it was completely unnecessary.

My thinking was completely off and I was literally able to notice realtime, to notice how past thoughts (literally a moment before) had affected my present physical state - raised heart-rate, blood moving away from the stomach (creating butterflies), sweaty palms etc.


The fact of the matter is that when there is turbulence, it means that the plane is cruising along in the air, doing the exact thing it is supposed to be doing. Perfecto :)

Literally, other than a few bumps and vibrations, the only thing making the experience uncomfortable was my perception, my interpretation, the meaning I’d assigned to the thing happening.


What's the point to all this? The thought exercise?

Well you just did it by reading this, though to be very direct;

I wonder where else in life I’m assigning unnecessary meaning and affecting my physiology in an unfavourable way?

Adding discomfort through a simple mis-perception of something that is supposed be happening that way.

And, can I notice realtime and observe?

Creating space between the thought and my reaction?


Take it a step further if you will - what can I do to support this process of creating space, between thought and response, stimulus and response?

Practically speaking, I'm still working on the flying nerves so I drink a super potent Reishi (which also helps support the immune system during the flight) feel the calmness flood my body and enjoy the journey!

At ease and with love, Rich :)

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