Deeper Lifestyle Choices and the Immune System

Deeper Lifestyle Choices and the Immune System
I like to entertain the thought that there are no right or wrong choices, there are simply choices with more or less favorable outcomes to the way in which we think life should be and how we wish to experience existence.
I can strip out self-judgement and that of others through the first part of that statement, and then take responsibility for how I choose to think about the second part (favorable/unfavorable outcomes).
Then we have how life "should or shouldn't be". It just is. I've come to understand that the shoulding and shouldn'ting are figments of the mind, created through learnings, environment and information or misinformation.
A present day point on those words above?
Which lifestyle choices are you making that are supporting your immune system? Which are you choosing that are limiting it (for you)?
Bring into the mix; thought, happiness, human touch, meaning and connection and you have another world of potential to explore too....
Constitution and your physical make-up mean some of us are more or less robust in certain circumstances or when we ingest certain foods or drinks or quantities of those foods and drinks.
The variables are vast and belief is a powerful tool.
I like to ask myself - how are you choosing to live right now? And, are the most likely outcomes of these choices stacked in favour of how you think life should be or how it shouldn't be in 2 days, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 5 years...?
With love I share this :)


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