Functional or Medicinal Mushrooms - Where do they fit?

Functional or Medicinal Mushrooms - Where do they fit?

Because a lot of you lovely people keep asking, for post today 've put together a short list to support in understanding which mushroom fits where and then also a few interesting and important points on dosage, growing conditions and mushroom mixes.

A World of Calm:
- Reishi Fruiting Body
- Reishi Spores

Important Immune Support:
- Chaga
- Reishi
- Turkey Tail
- Agaricus
- Lions Mane

Support Gut Health:
- Lions Mane (predominantly known for clarity of mind, studies on nourishing the gastric juices are also enlightening).
- Chaga (anti-inflammatory and wound healing potential are the key points discussed for supporting gut health, though do note Chaga is a potent entity so read on the site and discuss with your health professional).

Energy and Stamina potential:
- Cordyceps (supporting respiratory function, ATP production for cell energy and cardiovascular health).
- Reishi
(this is the inverse of what you might think - nourishing the “yin” Reishi may help balance and overburdened body and mind, thus leading to greater energy - different from Cordyceps which is known more as a yang tonic.

Yoga and Meditation:
- Reishi Fruiting Body (for the heart opening, calming nature)
- Reishi Spore (for the heart opening, calming nature)
- Cordyceps (or stamina and yang)
- Lions Mane (for clarity of mind and mood boosting)

Interesting notes when choosing your mushroom powders:
(Number 3 here is a particularly important point)

1) Sometimes results (whether it is greater clarity, immune support, feeling more vibrant etc) arrive within days though know that these mushrooms are more about a longer term “relationship”. for example, the studies on Lions Mane are showing results 3+ weeks in, other studies 16+ weeks. And, like almost all traditional practices of medicine, it is about the long term - maintaining balance through lifestyle, thoughts and also the use of foods, teas and herbs.

2) Dosage depends on the person and instruction by a health professional, though there are general guidelines which are normally 1 to 3g per day - always read the label, and kindly; this is not medical advice.

3) Dosage also depends on the potency (intensity) of the mushroom. E.g some other brands of Lions Mane or Reishi contain rice or oats and use the mycelium which obviously affect the type and amount of actual active compounds in the serving. ENRICHD Reishi and Lions Mane are wood grown and contain no rice or oats and are fruiting body extracts - key, especially when it comes to these two mushrooms.

4) These potent and beautiful mushroom powders are not for everyone, if you are drawn towards them then read the info on ENRICHD product pages, scan the studies, speak with your health professional and dive in. They’re an ancient and magnificent way to support the human experience, though like any food or beverage, not necessarily for everyone.

5) The reason we currently offer single mushrooms (rather than 'all in one' mushroom mixes) is because these are functional mushrooms - each brings it’s own properties and simply throwing 9 different mushrooms in one jar (though as easy as that would be) wouldn’t make much sense.
Though I will bring you a better metaphor, it could be likened to making a smoothie with banana, kale, fried onions, broccoli, ginger, peach, mango, garlic, artichokes and parsnips. This nothing inherently right or wrong with any of those ingredients though in one smoothie no gracias. I’d rather be more specific, intelligent and intuitive with my selection. Two or three mushrooms in one, sure, when chosen for a specific function.

Wow, there it is, more to come as always, much love and any questions @EnrichdSuperfoods is the best place to contact me.



Rich :)

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