Your brain "pays you..."

This might sound odd but your brain "pays you".

I remember going to train in Santa Monica with a good friend, you may actually know of him, though no need to name drop today. 

I was about 4 minutes late and he berated me.

We were training as friends, not my client, so I was a little taken back by his strong reaction.

It wasn't until recently I understood the why. 

He said "when you say you're going to arrive at 8am then arrive at 8am".

In essence; do the thing you say you're going to do. 

Though my timing (even as a drummer too ;) is far from perfect, his words resonated so deeply that I really took it on.

When you say you are going to do something (like arrive at a certain time or begin a healthy way of living) and do not, the brain sends signals affecting the hormones balance within your body and nervous system that do not feel particularly great.

Likewise, when you do do the thing you say you're going to do then the brain signals for a different cascade of hormones, affecting the body and nervous system too - though in a way that feels lovely! 

This isn't an all or nothing formula and it's not to say if you're late once in a while you're doomed to have messy signals from your brain, though by letting the person know you're going to be late will help calm the internal communication between action, brain and body.  

In a similar fashion, when you follow through on the beneficial things you've been telling you're self you're going to do (even the smallest step towards doing the thing you say you are going to do) sets you up for that "pay-off" from the brain.

Plus, you actually do the things you want to do and put yourself on the path you are speaking of, otherwise why say it ;)

From here you begin creating healthier habits and support a healthy the relationship between your word, the brain and your body. 

AND those around you get to experience you to your word, being more reliable and in integrity. I love it!

(There are of course variables within this equation though for the most part that's what happens. So good to know right!?) 


Much love and as always any questions or requests then send them on a postcard to ENRICHD in the midlands. I'm here....


Rich :)


PS. So you know, this latest batch of Reishi (great in coffee, hot choc or smoothies) is super potent and heart warming!

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