ENRICHD Opening Ceremony at OM and BASS Festival

ENRICHD Opening Ceremony at OM and BASS Festival

Well, this is going to be rather special... 

Om and Bass Festival have asked us to open the festival with a ceremonial mushroom drinking experience.

Now, to be clear, that's not psilocybin. We will be serving either the almighty Chaga mushroom or a Reishi hot choc, or perhaps Angelic Rose! 

If you're looking for a high vibe festival to attend this summer then Om and Bass is one of our favourites.

It's a sober festival with ceremonies, yoga, martial arts, camping, dance, ice baths, massage, sauna, live dj's, meditation, breathwork and of course we will be there opening and closing with our ENRICHD mushrooms.

When: 8 to 10 September 2023

Where: Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

ENRICHD15 is code for you if you're going to book.



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