Chaga Mushroom in 2013 - a personal experience in Venice Beach

Chaga Mushroom in 2013 - a personal experience in Venice Beach

One of my favourite ways to approach mushrooms like Chaga is thinking into how they communicate with the immune system. Some use the phrase “upgrade’ which I like too, though really love the thought of a special kind of communication happening between the mushroom and the body.

The medicine of the birch tree (which is a super potent tree in itself) being concentrated in the Chaga mushroom communicating to me.

In 2013 the Universe nudged me to live in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, where I was very privileged to spend a lot of time with doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Morning, day and night drinking different kinds of teas and herbs, visiting mushroom, anti-cancer and longevity conferences for the ensuing years.

From the first day I heard about Chaga I began drinking pretty much every day for around 3 years!

I found an affinity with Chaga at that time, that season of my life. It was exactly what I needed at that time.

Rewind around 10 years, I was lay on the operating table discussing the change of James Bond to actor Daniel Craig with the surgeon. Funny the things that come to mind when having a malignant tumor removed from the shoulder.

That experience was one of the defining reasons I ended up being so fascinated by mushrooms like Chaga - a whole host of anti-cancer potential.

Why wouldn’t EVERYONE drink lovely tasting teas and make superhuman hot chocolates that have hundreds or thousands of years use and decades of scientific studies showing anti-cancer, anti-viral, immune supporting qualities. (SO much more as well though).

Those years involved some fascinating, esoteric experiences, and physically, the thing that was really obvious was I stopped getting chest infections.

Once per year prior to that I’d get a chest infection, often after a long flight or series of intense training sessions during winter.

It could have been a number of factors though at that time, the most significant change I’d made was drinking Chaga mushroom tea.

I believe that the almighty anti-viral compounds and immune support abilities of Chaga have gone in and kicked out some nasties. I literally flooded my body with goodness.

Mushy fact: did you know that the Chaga that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years (probably thousands) isn’t actually the “fruiting body”. the fruiting body of Chaga is a flower that is snaffled very quickly by animals or birds. The black mass protruding out of the tree is actually part of the mycelium.

With Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail and most other mushrooms it’s the fruiting body that has been traditionally respected and used, though with Chaga, although it is visible “fruiting” from the tree, it’s actually the mycelium.

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