😝 Tongue💡 Brain and Gut...?

😝 Tongue💡 Brain and Gut...?

I love to remember and explore the thought that when food or beverages touch the tongue (even before), a sequence of events are set in motion.

Digestive enzymes are released, the organs are "prepared" to take part in the digestive process, the stomach is getting ready... when you actually think about it, the communication within is magnificent - miraculous even!

The body gets ready for raw materials to build, repair, support specific parts and functions within the body.
Protein, antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds, immune support - the body sees and gets on with the job! It's innate.

I like to ask myself "what information am I feeding my body and what communication am I inspiring within?"
Think about agrochemical residue for a second, I wonder what kind of communication or conversation that would invoke inside?

I figure that it is simple really, we are already affecting the entire experience, so of course choose the foods that support a more harmonious internal conversation, which then can be more supportive of life going forward :)

Any questions we are here....

Rich :)

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