🛸🌟 Uncommon and Extraordinary Human-ing? 🌟🛸

🛸🌟 Uncommon and Extraordinary Human-ing? 🌟🛸

I think at least one or two words in here may serve you well :) Perhaps the penultimate idea?

Here are 7 uncommon and extraordinary ENRICHD ideas that might just support your human experience, mind body and soul...

It's in the details that you receive while reading these...


1) Dormir (Sleep)

- Room temperature a cooler room (some people have cooling pads for the bed)

- Cold showers before sleep (ironically may support deeper sleep). This definitely works for me when in warmer climates and if I'm feeling hot in the evening.

- Resolve disharmony and find the peace (with someone else or within your thoughts)

- Bedding and your bed! This can make a huge difference, especially with the seasons changing. Breathable and non-synthetic (of course ;) Your washing powder goes here too - is it in or out of harmony with your skin and respiratory system?

- Reishi or Reishi Spores (balancing and calming). The depth of sleep and sometimes reishi-dreams can be highly enlightening.


2) Movimiento (movement)

- You don't have to, but you kind of do :) The body wants to move, it needs to move.

Walking, dancing, push-ups, plank, strength training, gardening, yoga... you know this stuff, I know though are you doing it consistently (anything, something!) and do you have a really emotionally-ingrained why?

Why? Is it for vanity - which is perhaps more short lived, or for future-proofing and supporting a magnificent experience on this planet for as long as possible.


3) Masage (Massage)

- Increase oxytocin and decrease stress. Massage is medicine.

- They're open. Chiropractors often have an in-house massage therapist that is working right now. Massage is medicine. 

- Massage for me is about instantly feeling more relaxed now and also for the future health of my body (and mind).

- Massage for your muscles, ligaments and joints, for the physical touch and communication within the body, for the movement of stagnated fibers and energy.

- Take your own organic oil to nourish the skin too.


4) Abrazos (Hugs)

 - Anyone you (and they) are comfortable hugging, and hold it. The body begins to release and or balance hormones as you relax into it. See if you can let go while hugging, mentally I mean, allow your thoughts to dissolve.


5) Duchas frias (Cold showers)

- It's the talk of the town. And with good reason. Wim Hof's interviews are fantastic for info on this. 

Just starting? If you want to try them then maybe start with one foot and leg at a time then the hands and arms (a similar sequence to walking into and washing in a river or stream). Actually think about how you would go for a wash in a stream.... That sequence.

Remember to get warm after and get your circulation moving to your extremities too! I learned the consequences of not getting the blood moving afterwards the hard way...


6) Como estas escuchando? (How are you listening?)

When someone is speaking, can you observe your listening? 

In what way are you listening? Are you able to listen through the content to the emotion that the person is feeling and also the emotions you are feeling? :) If you know what I mean, try it...?


7) Respiren (Breathe)

Another obvious one right? And critically profound.

Proactively doing "breath work", by choosing to practice before it's "necessary". i.e before feeling stressed,  you can set your system up for a smoother ride. 

On the other side of the coin, noticing where your breath reaches during a moment of stress can almost instantly reduce the physical and emotional sensations.

Just by shining a light on the tension often alleviates it a little.

If you notice that you are breathing short and shallow into the chest then take a deeper, conscious breath into the belly, and relax the forehead and shoulders.

Feel where your breath reaches at different times of the day and with different people you're interacting with. 

To reiterate - Proactive; by practicing some kind of breath work before the case. Just like you might choose to support the immune system, or do movement BEFORE an illness or stagnation of the physical body - prevention over cure, right!?

AND - Reactive - noticing where the breath reaches as you're experiencing a stressful moment and taking control over the breath to invoke a deeper sense of calm (and take in more oxygen). Both are awesome tools in their own way,


A lovely rest of the day to you :)


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