Do you do it consciously?

Do you do it consciously?

"Getting out ahead of it" That's the game to be playing...

I mean with your thoughts and how you choose to conduct yourself...

Following a beautiful (though somewhat turbulent),
summer, winter is so close now and there is plenty
you can be doing (or not doing) to support yourself,
getting out ahead of it.

In the talks and ceremonies I speak a fair bit about communication.

Not the words of communication, rather the ever-present communication
between humans and nature, light, the foods you choose and beverages
you drink and thoughts you think. As you see, smell, taste and feel,
the cascade of internal "dialogue" is immediate.

The tongue communicating with the brain and organs, the light
from the sun on our skin promoting the products of certain vitamins,
even affecting the colour of our skin, so beautiful.

A step further, the thoughts you think, and the internal affect that follows...

At times of change like this it's even more important to be
aware of this, and with awareness, genuine awareness,
choices become clearer.

Some ENRICHD questions I propose for you to consider:

1) Do you have to get a cold this winter?
Or can you stay healthy, strong, stronger, even become healthier
and more vibrant...? Can you get out ahead of it through
choices and also leaning so far into the placebo of thought

"Wow, it's a little cooler today, I'm feeling so fresh and awake!
Look how fresh and clear the blue sky is and how blindingly
magnificent the colours are this time of year!"
(instead of, oooo doom and gloom dark cold days and nights...)

Pour it on, magnify it, and literally FEEL the good feelings.
You can choose your thoughts...

2) Have you already put some plans in place
to make sure you're having fun this winter?
What can you plan in - perhaps winter walks,
a day trip here or there or get-togethers on
a theme, table tennis, winter morning walks...

You're now already thinking about it, beautiful...

3) Have you reduced your intake of news/media
or at least are you making a conscious choice on
how and where you receive the information you're
taking on board? What environment are you exposing
your beautiful mind to, what messages are you allowing
to infiltrate your hopes and dreams? Really, guard the
gates to your mind, you literally are the gate keeper....

4) What are the common themes of the conversations
you are having? (and can you direct them towards
mind and soul nourishing topics - I think you can).

5) Have you considered some ways to ensure high
quality sleep (because this is going to affect your answer
to question 1 above). Timing your eating to finish your
last meal in plenty of time before laying to rest, perhaps a little
earlier to bed, or later to rise, or have you got sleep sorted?

6) Are you supporting your immune system through laughter,
food choices and perhaps a delicious Chaga, Reishi or
Turkey Tail mushroom elixir? I will be forever grateful for
these potent powders and potions!

7) Are your food and beverage choices supporting and in tune with
this seasonal transition?

i.e Moving towards warming autumn and winter foods, embracing
the seasonal change.

8) Reflecting on your training and movement, can you fine tune
your training to reflect the seasonal change?

As well as my regular gym sessions (and perhaps this may sound bizarre)
I'm making sure I'm getting plenty of time outside in the fresh autumn/winter air so
my body is submerged in the messages from the trees, light, air and forest...
Things that trigger internal changes are coming at us from so many sources
other than just the foods and beverages we choose... "Forest Bathing" is a
well studied thing you know ;)

9) With all that said, if a day arises, and you're feeling a little dopey or blue
then you need not resist it, avoid or force anything.

The old saying "what you resist persists" is a fine one
and woven with deep wisdom that can be the window
to a softer path towards the better feeling thoughts.

Hey, have a beautiful rest of the evening or day...

Warmest wishes,

Rich :)

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