Are you prepared? Seasonal changes and your immune system

Are you prepared? Seasonal changes and your immune system

Seasonal changes, like the one we are about to enter now (Summer has ended) can be demanding on the body. There is a lot happening: daylight hours shorten, temperature changes, wind increase, humidity saturation changes too.

As well as this, we move from our most active season, Summer, into Autumn and then Winter. More movement and activity to less, so our food, drink and type of activity choices will be changing too.

Before Winter kicks in and everyone around is catching a cold, it's time to get ready.

Flu and colds are not inevitable and now literally is the time to build you internal shield and protect yourself.

Consider lifestyle improvements like changing the intensity of your training and / or movement, more rest, earthing (barefoot directly on the earth), watching the sunset (and rise if you're an early bird) to allow your body to connect with the time changes. Foraging and eating seasonal are key AND, of course, bringing in the right mushrooms to support the immune system at this time of the year.

I think of immune support mushrooms like communication. They're (hopefully) not literally speaking to you ;) though communication is happening.

medicinal mushroom cocoa

The communication is profound - from the aroma to the sight of the steam rising from your cup, to the taste and receptors in the digestive system - the whole journey from the jar to cup to taking the first sip - it's a kind of communication.

In addition to this, once inside your body, the mushrooms communicate with the immune system. How? 

Medicinal mushrooms are the best superfoods for immune system because they simply upgrade it by helping it reach its greatest potential, which is especially important during a seasonal change.

One of our best selling products, ENRICHD 7 - Mushroom Immunity Mix Powder is an immune system support blend of 7 of the most awesome medicinal mushrooms.

By getting this blend, you will be giving your body a broad range of the active immune supporting compounds called the polysaccharides. 

They have the ability to activate immune functions such as the production of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.

Additionally, you will be getting a broad range of very specific anti-viral triterpenes. This means compounds that help the body keep existing viruses at bay, and in some cases help clear the virus.

How to drink the ENRICHD 7 Mix to boost your immune system? 

Add up to 1 teaspoon of this powerhouse mushroom mix to hot water or your favourite smoothie, and enjoy!

In the colder seasons, you can also drink it in hot chocolate (cacao) or add it to your coffee.

Supplement your lifestyle changes with ENRICHD 7 - formulated specifically to get you ready for greater seasonal stressors on the body (and mind).

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