Mushroom Immunity Mix - ENRICHD 7

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By popular demand, and with the approval of doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine both in Los Angeles and North Carolina, we have carefully selected specific mushrooms for our ENRICHD 7 IMMUNITY MIX.

These 7 mushrooms have been selected because of their specific role in supporting immunity and their unique individual "Super Powers".

These mushrooms are mixed in equal amounts in our mushroom mix.

When you drink this mix, you're getting a broad range of the active compounds from these mushrooms. The polysaccharides, beta-glucans, triterpenes. 

Choose this mix if you're looking for general immune support and to introduce these wise and powerful mushrooms into your life.

The ENRICHD 7 Immunity Blend includes:

1) Turkey Tail (Wild Fruiting Body) Extract

2) Lions Mane (Fruiting Body, Wood-Grown, Dual Extract)

3) Wild Chaga (Dual Extract)

4) Reishi (Fruiting Body, Wood-Grown, Dual Extract)

5) Agaricus Blazei (Fruiting Body) Extract

6) Maitake (Fruiting Body) Extract

7) Shitake (Fruiting Body) Extract


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